Hello everybody. Here are some details of my musical activities over the coming months, I hope you find something here to enjoy and if I’m playing in your area, please do come and say hello. You can reach me at ronan@ronanguilfoyle.com and please feel free to write and connect, I love hearing from you!

Touring and Performances

I have a busy summer and autumn coming up, beginning in June when I’ll be performing the music of Thelonious Monk with the trio Evidence, and shortly after that I’ll have a performance of my big band piece ‘Howya Folks’ performed by the New Irish Jazz Orchestra. In late June I’ll be performing at Ronnie Scott’s with Carlos Ezequiel’s band, and in July I’ll be touring in Crete with the great vocalist JD Walter, and with the wonderful Outward Bound Trio. In October I’ll be directing a ten-piece band in Switzerland, featuring ten of the finest students from the five Swiss jazz schools playing my compositions. Also in the works are performances with my new Brazilian band Tudo Bem, and with a new trio featuring two legends of improvisation, Christy Doran and Gerry Hemingway. Details of all these can be found on my website Dates page 


I’m working on some new piano music at the moment to be performed early next year by the wonderful classical pianist Conor Linehan, and am also working on some piano music for another wonderful pianist Svetlana Rudenko. Another piece in the works is ‘A Shy-Going Boy, Part 2’ (working title). This is a continuation of the piece I wrote in 2016, based around the life of my grandfather, and this continuance will feature musicians from Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England. Nick Smart (trumpet), and Chris Guilfoyle (guitar), and myself from the first iteration, will be joined by Huw Warren (piano), Rachael Cohen (alto), and Darren Beckett (drums). Watch this space for more details of this project as it develops


In March I released a solo bass recording ‘Rinse and Repeat’ which you can download for free here There are plans to go into the studio in the late summer with the Guilfoyle/Nielsen Trio to record a new album – our first in 25 years! More on that as it develops. I’ve also added my album ‘Hands’ (With Dave Binney, Tom Rainey and Chris Guilfoyle) to my Bandcamp page and you can download the whole album or individual tracks for a small fee.

Some Rhythm Stuff

For the rhythm aficionados amongst you, I have done a little blog post showing a step-by-step approach on how to work with unusual note groupings in jazz improvisation. It links to my Youtube Channel, and I’m always adding new videos to that, so please do check it out


See you out there!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope it’s a good one for you all.  I've made a start on my new year’s resolutions by updating and upgrading my website. There is lots of new stuff there, I think it's more streamlined and I'll be working on it to improve it and keep it updated, so please do check it out now and then if you feel like it.

Here are some other bits of news from 2014, and plans for 2015


I've decided to do some one-to-one private teaching again. I haven't done this for a long time and it's something I enjoy. Up to this point my work at the school I teach at has eaten up all my teaching time, however I'm changing a few things so that I can teach people privately again. I'll be doing it on Skype as well as in Dublin, so I can work with people internationally as well as at home. There are more details here on the site if anyone reading this is interested. If you have direct questions about getting lessons, contact me at rglessons@yahoo.com


2014 had many musical highlights; a reunion with the Guilfoyle/Nielsen trio, gigs with two great American musicians John O Gallagher and Jeff Williams, gigs with the legendary Bob Gullotti and Bruce Saunders, performing my Joycean-inspired suite ‘Counterparts’, at the Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris, performing and recording with a multinational band of Lupa SantiagoMichael BuckleyGoncalo Marques and Anders Vestergard in Lisbon, and performing and teaching in South Africa. This latter experience was very inspiring, I had a great time playing with two wonderful musicians in particular, drummer Kesivan Naidoo and the pianist Kyle Shepherd, and I hope to do that again as soon as possible! Also while there I made the aquaintance of other great musicians such as Mike Del Ferro and Ganesh Geymeier. As I said, a very inspiring time.

New Recording

The year began with something very inspiring too – a recording of my own compositions made in Systems Two in New York with a great band consisting of Dave Binney on saxophones, Tom Rainey on drums and my son Chris on guitar, and I’m going to release this in the the first three months of the new year. Here’s a little teaser......



The first half of 2015 promises to be very musically rewarding. Next week I go to New York to take part in the 7th International Rhythm Studies Association meeting. This brings together high level practitioners in the world of rhythm in improvised music together for three days of playing and hanging, and discussing the latest developments on the rhythmic scene. This is the first time in NY and it looks really exciting with Dave Liebman, Donny McCaslin, Johannes Weidenmuller, Jen Shyu and Miles Okazaki among the participants. Here’s a video from the Dublin meeting a few years ago, which gives an idea of what goes on at these gatherings.

In late January I’ll be taking up residence for a month at the Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris. I’ll be there to write some music and play some music. I’ll be playing ‘Counterparts’ again, travelling to Den Haag to play with two great masters Eric Ineke and John Ruocco and do some teaching at the Royal Conservatory there, and debuting new piano trio music with the very talented young Swiss pianist Marie Kruttli and my colleage in ‘Counterparts’, Christophe Lavergne. I’ll also be doing some teaching at the Paris Conservatoire while I’m there.

Full details of these and more dates are on the website here.


Later in the year I'll be returning to South Africa to perform again, and will also be taking part in a concert with two of the most outstanding contemporary improvising musicians on the scene today - Christy Doran and Gerry Hemingway - full dates will be on the website soon.


On the composition front I did manage to get some pieces written, including a piano piece dedicated to my mother, a trio piece for the Guilfoyle/Nielsen Trio and I'm very happy to say that in the next year I will be working on a piece for chamber orchestra, soprano saxophone and piano, written to celebrate the 70th birthdays of two of the greatest contemporary jazz musicians, Dave Liebman and Richie Beirach.

More on that as it develops, for now I want to wish all the readers of this a very happy and prosperous 2015!


I'll leave you with this piece from the Guilfoyle/Nielsen Trio's reunion concert. Hope you enjoy it!

Hi Everyone

It’s been a long while since I updated my activities and outlined what’s coming up over the next few months. So if you’ll indulge me over the next few paragraphs I will do precisely that.

Recent Activities

 The past several months have been busy with travelling, writing, teaching and performing. Towards the end of last year I toured with the great Kenny Werner, toured in Japan, Switzerland, and taught at the Didier Lockwood school in France. At the end of the year I went to Paris to rehearse my new piece ‘Counterparts’ based on the writing of James Joyce (see below), and played with Pekka Pylkannen’s group at Ronnie Scott’s club in London.

The first part of 2013 saw me teaching and playing in the UK, Germany, and Denmark, (for the IASJ conference), and March saw the first performance of ‘Counterparts,  as part of the New Music Dublin Festival. It was a big project for me, and it went very well – we had five days of rehearsal (what a luxury!), which was very helpful, as the performance went very well. We have some other performances coming up this year, (see below for details). So the past while has been full-on, the second half of this year promises to be equally busy.

Upcoming Events


September will see the first performance in 10 years of my ‘5 Cities’ suite, that I originally wrote for Khanda and the Karnataka College of Percussion. A piece that uses elements of Irish traditional music, jazz and Indian classical music, it’s always been fun to play and I’m delighted we’re doing it zgain. I’ll be performing with Khanda in Meeting House Square in Dublin on September 8th  - to get a taste of what it sounds like, click HERE

In the Autumn, I’ll be attending the Berklee International Network Summit in Boston (my school Newpark Music Centre, is a member), and doing some teaching at the Ionian University in Greece.

I’ll also be performing with Counterparts in October, as mentioned above, this is my acclaimed and innovative musical piece inspired by the music quoted in the works of James Joyce  - specifically the works written in Dublin and Paris. The piece uses text from various works both as a generator for the music, and in spoken word format as an integral part of the piece. I’m delighted to have such great musicians playing with me - Dominique Pifarély, (violin), Michael Buckley, (saxophones), Stéphane Payen, (saxophones), and Christophe Lavergne, (drums) We’ll be performing at the Cork Jazz Festival on Sunday October 27th, and the Mermaid Arts Centre in Bray on the 29th. Full details can be found under ‘Dates’. HERE’S a video clip from the rehearsals we did in Paris last year.

Plans for the New Year include recording a new CD (see below), performances with the great American saxophonist John O Gallagher, and a new group with a multinational line-up which will perform and record in Portugal.

Recording news

On the recording front, there are two newsworthy items. First of all I’m delighted to announce the release of ‘DIVISIONS’, A new CD I'm on with two great Danish musicians - the saxophonist Lars Møller and the drummer Jonas  Johansen.

The back story to this CD is that Lars and Jonas came to Ireland to study rhythm with me, in order to develop their knowledge of the new rhythmic stuff that's happening in jazz, and between one thing and another we really enjoyed playing together, and decided to make it a working trio! We've started by recording this CD, which we recorded in Denmark. I'm very happy with it musically, the music is all rhythmically involved, but it doesn't feel at all like an exercise, there are some really nice grooves on it. The CD features material by all three of us, and I’m very happy with the way it turned out and how it sounds. Looking forward to gigging it next year. You can hear it and buy it HERE 

And I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be recording my new CD in the new year with a great line up – Dave Binney on saxophones, Tom Rainey on drums, and my son Chris on guitar. It will be a CD of all original material and I have great expectations of it on a musical level, featuring as it does such wonderful musicians!.

If you’re interested in hearing more of my music, past and present, don’t forget that I’m on Soundcloud and I post stuff there on a regular basis, I also have a Youtube channel – jazzer4 – on which I often add video from current and past performances. You can also connect with me on Facebook and of course here. Thanks for the interest in the music please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me through my website should you feel like it – I’m always happy to be in touch. Thanks!



renaissance_man_resized.jpgMy New CD with John Abercrombie, Conor Guilfoyle and String Quartet, 'Renaissance Man' has been released on the famous Danish Label SteepleChase records, on their new LookOut imprint. You can read about it, hear samples from it and purchase it here:

Whenever you release a new recording it's an exciting and special moment, but for me, since this music is written about my father,  this release is particularly special and personal. In this case the importance to me of the music being widely heard outweighs any other consideration and so I'm selling the physical CD for a very low price. If you're interested in purchasing a CD you can click on the Paypal button at the top of the blog page. If you want to buy it in downloadable format you can do it here


Hope you enjoy the music!






Hi Everyone

 It’s been a long time since I updated (hopefully) interested parties with what’s been going on and what’s coming up over the next few months. So if you’ll indulge me over the next few paragraphs I will do precisely that. 

Recent Activities

The past several months have been busy with travelling, writing, teaching and performing. Towards the end of last year I toured with the great David Liebman, did workshops in Kobe in Japan and at the Paris Conservatoire, as well performing with my group Lingua Franca at the ‘Jazzy Colors’ festival in Paris. January saw the first performance of ‘Hands’, my Concerto for Electric Guitar and Orchestra’, featuring the great American guitarist Rick Peckham and the RTE National Symphony Orchestra. It was a huge project for me, and it went very well – we had two performances in the same week, which was very helpful, as it’s always easier the second time! The first part of 2012 saw me in Germany, India, Spain, Austria (for the IASJ conference), France (for rehearsals of my new piece for 12 saxophones, performed by the European Saxophone Ensemble), Sweden (for the IRSA rhythm conference), and Portugal, where I did my first performance in over 20 years at the legendary Hot Clube de Portugal in Lisbon – a welcome return for me to a great venue where I performed many times in the early part of my career.

 Upcoming Events


The second half of the year promises to be at least as busy as the first and I’m really looking forward to the many creative projects with which I’ll be involved over the next few months. First up is the writing of a bunch of new music, starting with a piece for the Dublin City Jazz Orchestra, commemorating the great Irish jazz pianist Noel Kelehan. This will be performed in November and I feel privileged to be able to honour Noel in this way.

Next up will be the writing of a large scale piece called ‘Joyce in Dublin and Paris’, which will use music mentioned in the works Joyce wrote while living in these two cities, as jumping off points for new compositions. It will feature a mixed group of French and Irish musicians, with myself Dominique Pifarely, Michael Buckley, Stéphane Payen and Christophe Lavergne taking part. Text and audio will also be used as part of the overall work, and it will be performed in Dublin in March 2013, and in Paris in June.


At the end of August I’ll be performing with 3G in Meeting House Square in Dublin, and In the autumn I’ll be performing Europe, the UK and Japan as part of the great Finnish alto player Pekka Pylkkanen’s  group – really looking forward to developing the music over the touring period of October and November. I’ll post exact dates as they’re confirmed.  Then in November I’m delighted to be performing with one of the greatest pianists in contemporary jazz, Kenny Werner. Kenny and I will be doing a series of duo concerts in Ireland and I’m thrilled to have the chance to play with Kenny again – dates are in my calendar.

New CD Release!


On the recording front, the big news is that my new CD ‘Renaissance Man’ will be coming out on Steeplechase records, on the their new ‘Lookout’ imprint. This recording features the legendary John Abercrombie on guitar, my brother Conor on drums, and a string quartet. The music, a 6 movement suite for guitar trio and string quartet,  was written to commemorate my father Brendan, who was directly responsible for both Conor and I becoming musicians. It was an important personal project for me, and I was happy with the way it turned out and with the phenomenal performance of the musicians. In this day and age, when it’s incredibly difficult to get anything released, I’m delighted to have this out on an international label which is widely distributed. When the release date is confirmed I’ll let you all know.

 In other news I’ve entered the Soundcloud domain and will be posting stuff there on a regular basis, I also have a Youtube channel on which I often add video from current and past performances. I'm constantly adding pieces to my blog also, so maybe you might be interested in checking that out. You can also connect with me on Facebook and of course here. Thanks for the interest in the music please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me through my website should you feel like it – I’m always happy to be in touch. Thanks!



Hi Everyone
 It’s been a loooooong time since I sent out any kind of newsletter, or update on my activities... Very bad form I know, and of course completely against the grain of what you’re supposed to do these days. I’ve been very busy, but still, that’s no excuse.... mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. (As you can see, a Catholic upbringing can be hard to shake off!)
 I promise to do better in the future, and as a start I’m sending you a link to some audio and video stuff you can download if you’re interested. These are all taken from various projects, some recent, some less so – but I hope you’ll find something to enjoy in there. There’s a PDF with the details of the players etc. Included with the link. You can download it here 
The first 6 months of this year were very busy – I travelled a lot (London, Brazil, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, USA etc.), did a lot of teaching, some recording and some playing. In January I went to New York and apart from seeing a lot of great music, I picked up my beautiful new bass made for me by master Luthier Harvey Citron. I’m really excited by this instrument – though I’m still getting used to it. It’s very different to my other bass both physically and in how it sounds – though it retains that acoustic quality that I’m always looking for. You can see a Youtube clip of me playing it solo here   And with the great Irish guitarist Tommy Halferty here 
Plans for the Autumn include an Irish tour with the great Dave Liebman and the brilliant young Finnish drummer Jussi Lehtonen, teaching in Kobe and Nagoya in Japan in October, teaching at the Paris Conservatoire in November, as well as playing with my quartet Lingua Franca at the Jazzy Colors festival in Paris in November. Details of all of these can be found on the website under ‘Dates’
 Another thing I’ll be doing while in Paris is rehearsing with a new band featuring three great French musicians – Stéphane Payen on alto, Christophe Lavergne on drums (we made a video of a previous concert – you can see it here) and the brilliant violinist Dominique Pifarely . I’m really looking forward to this, the music promises to be challenging, adventurous and fun – which is a very nice combination!
 In the past year I’ve also recorded music with two great Danish musicians – the saxophonist Lars Moeller and the drummer Jonas Johansen . This music grew out of some work we did together on rhythm, and we dcided that it was so much fun to play together that we should try and develop the music further. This culminated on us recording in Copenhagen and we’re hoping to release the music in the not too distant future. Compositions are by all three of us and all, naturally enough, are heavily rhythmic with some unique grooves. Looking forward to developing this further.
 Another thing that’s been keeping me busy is the writing of my new Concerto for Electric Guitar and Orchestra – this will be performed with the RTE National Symphony Orchestra in Dublin on January 17th and 20th 2012. I’ll write more about this in a later bulletin, but I’ve decided to keep a ‘composition video diary’ of the process of the composition of the piece – you can see the first one here  – subsequent episodes are also on Youtube. The composition of the piece is now finished and I’m about to begin the laborious process of scoring it and editing the parts. Wish me luck!
 Thanks for your interest, and please drop me a line if you feel like it – it’s always good to hear from you!

Change your info? Stop the emails? Easy! Just click this link <http://ronanguilfoyle.com/hostbaby/i?i=27&p=N4CnwvnDukUsc4jkDDn7>

Hi Everyone

Here’s an update on recent and forthcoming activities – hope you find something of interest in here.

It’s been a crazy 2010 so far! Since January I’ve been travelling and playing incessantly. Beginning in London where I was involved in workshops at the Guildhall School of Music and performing with the Stroman/Jönsson Project, who released their debut CD on Kopasetic Records. Then it was off to Norway and Denmark, for performances with Métier at a very nice club in Oslo as part of an EU festival, and then on to Copenhagen and Odense for gigs with an international quartet and workshops at the Rhythmic Conservatory in Copenhagen and at the Carl Nielsen Conservatory in Odense – you can see some photos from that very cold trip here.

In February I travelled to Paris to begin working on music with a new trio featuring Stéphane Payen (alto) and Christophe Lavergne, two great French musicians and real innovators in the area of rhythm. We got together in Paris and Dublin just to rehearse and develop some music. We finished the Dublin leg with an impromptu concert at Newpark Music Centre – I’ve put a couple of clips here and here. We’re planning on doing some concerts in Ireland and France in the Autumn.

February also saw the debut performance of my new improvising Chamber group Trilogue. Featuring Sarah Buechi (voice) and Izumi Kimura (piano) the group balances the written and the improvised in a very unusual way. We rehearsed for three days at the beautiful Tyrone Guthrie Centre in Monaghan for three days and Sarah and Izumi are both great musicians and I’m looking forward to developing the music. We filmed a duo piece of mine for voice and piano – you can see it here.  

March saw the arrival of Jim  Black and Julian Arguelles for a tour of Ireland – this is a trio I’ve been involved with for several years and is always fun to play with. This tour was just as much fun as the others and the free-wheeling nature of the music is a real pleasure for me to be involved in. So much music these days is technically/rhythmically/harmonically difficult, but the music of the trio is LOOSE! You need really good musicians to make this work, and Julian and Jim are two of the best. I’ll be posting some audio clips from this tour very soon. 

And then it was off to South Africa to play some concerts and attend the South African Jazz Educators conference. It was a first time in SA for me, and I think truthfully I can say that being in Cape Town gave me a little insight into the country, but an even bigger insight into how little I was actually seeing off that same country and just how big it is. I met some great people there and it definitely whetted my appetite for going back and seeing more. You can see some photos from the trip here.

As I write this I should be actually be in Brazil, but the volcanic ash has put paid to that trip – d’oh!

Future events include more concerts with Trilogue, another live performance with Métier of my film music in Dun Laoghaire in April, a performance with the power trio of MSG (with Rudresh Mahanthappa and Chander Sardjoe) at the ELB Festival in Hamburg, a duo performance with the great French-Vietnamese guitarist Nguyen Le in Paris in June and more concerts with Scott Stroman in August in London. You can see a full list of events on ‘dates’ section of my website.

On the recording front I will at last be releasing ‘Renaissance Man’, my music for jazz guitar trio and string quartet, dedicated to the memory of my father, and featuring the great John Abercrombie. It will be released on Diatribe Records later this year. As will the new MSG album, which will be out later in the year on the French Plus Loin label. We’ll be organising gigs with the trio to promote the album – watch this space! You can see a clip of the trio in action here

On the composition front things have been fairly relaxed in comparison to previous years, which is no bad thing considering how much else is going on. I did write a piece for the great classical duo of Katherine Hunka (violin) and Dermot Dunne (accordion) called ‘Binary Numbers’ which was commissioned by Con Tempo, which they toured around Ireland in March. And I’m gearing myself up for a really big project – a commission from the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland for a Concerto for Electric Guitar and Orchestra. It will be performed in 2012 and I’ll be writing it next year – wish me luck!

One final piece of news – I will be involved in hosting the annual meeting of the International Rhythmic Studies Association at Newpark Music Centre next July. This is a 3-day event which brings together some of the leading innovators in the development of new rhythmic techniques for improvised music. We’ll be hosting 30 musicians from 12 different countries for three days of workshops, seminars and playing. Can’t wait!

As always I keep things updated on my website so please do drop in from time to time. I’ve also succumbed to the Facebook monolith and can be found here. And I’m writing an occasional blog on music also, which you can see here.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you out on the road sometime soon!

Hi Everyone On Sunday 7th of June next at JJ Smyth's in Dublin, the Guilfoyle/Nielsen Trio - one of the seminal groups in Irish Jazz of the last 20 years, will be playing its first concert in five years. Furthermore the group will be playing a programme of music not heard in Dublin for over 15 years, the affectionately titled 'F***ed Up Classics' - a programme of standard pieces, all reharmonised and played in different metres. The trio were trailblazers in the area of such rhythmic techniques as odd metre playing and using metric modulation. I've written a blog about the trio and the background to the concert - you can see it here: http://ronanguil.blogspot.com/2009/05/peer-group.html Hope you can make it along! Thanks Ronan
Hi Everyone, I've posted a new essay on the subject of rhythm - dealing with soloing issues. Have a look and please feel free to tell me what you think! You can see it here all the best Ronan
Hi Everyone,

I've uploaded a couple of videos of performances of my compositions on to Youtube - there a performance of my solo piano piece 'Toccata and Feud' played by the wonderful Izumi Kimura here:

Toccata and Feud

and here’s Izumi playing a new piece

Funk Étude No. 1

And another performance by the also wonderful violinist Ioana Petcu-Colan of two movements of my 'Sonata for Solo Violin' here:

Solo Sonata 1

and here:

Solo Sonata 2

Hope you enjoy them!

Ronan has just posted a major new essay on the nature and study of rhythm - see 'The Art and Science of Time II' in the 'Essays' section
Premiere of 'Hand Head Heart' On September 25th next, as part of a week of celebrations in Dublin of the great Dave Liebman's 60th Year, Ronan will perform the premiere of 'Hand Head Heart', an extended suite featuring Lieb, John Ruocco (clarinet), Nils Wogram (trombone), Joe O Callaghan (guitar), and Tom Rainey(drums). Debut of 'Métier' - new ensemble in residence Ronan has been appointed Artistic Director of 'Métier', Ireland's first Jazz Ensemble in Residence. Funded by Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council, Métier features Paul Williamson (trumpet), Michael Buckley (saxophones), Justin Carroll (piano), and Sean Carpio (drums). In October (see dates) they will perform a series of concerts featuring both the ensemble alone and with special guests Vincent Courtois (cello), Joe O Callghan (guitar), Mike Nielsen (guitar), and Dave Redmond (bass). The series will include the premiere of Ronan's 'Haikus' - a series of short pieces based on the Japanese poetic form.(See 'Dates" for full details) MSG Tour In November/December Ronan will tour with the MSG trio, featuring features Rudresh Mahanthappa (alto) and Chander Sardjoe (drums). A power saxophone trio that specializes in complex rhythmic music, they will be debut their first CD in the near future. Exact dates will be posted here soon. Commissions and Premieres In November/December the RTÉ Vanbrugh Quartet will premiere and tour Ronan's 'Music for String Quartet' - a piece commissioned by the Vanbrughs to celebrate their 25th anniversary (see 'dates' for details) On February 8th 2008, at the National Concert Hall, the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland will premiere Ronan's "Synapsis" - a concerto for orchestra commissioned by the orchestra for their 2007/2008 season. February 24th, will see the world premiere of Ronan's 'Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 2' at the Hugh Lane Gallery in Dublin, performed by Michael D'arcy (violin) and Izumi Kimura (piano). The concert will also see the Dublin premiere of Ronan's 'Sonata for Solo Violin' performed by Ioana Petcu-Colan, who commissioned the piece and gave the world premiere in Cork earlier this year. Other news Ronan will be doing some guest teaching at the Luzern Jazz School in December (10/11) and at Skurups Folkhogskola in Sweden in Spring '08………… Ronan is scheduled to travel to Brazil in February 2008 to discuss the latest developments in rhythmic techniques in jazz and to play with like-minded musicians in Sao Paolo…………Ronan will begin work on his latest book 'The Art and Science of Time', a companion volume to the seminal work on extended rhythmic techniques in jazz 'Creative Concepts for Jazz Improvisation'. This new book and DVD will focus on how to develop one's time. ………… Other plans for 2008 include a tour with the Arguelles/Guilfoyle/Black trio, a tour with 'Beginning to End', a project based on the works of Samuel Beckett featuring Christy Doran (guitar) and Isa Wiss (voice), and releases of the MSG and Microclimate CDS…………Finally in 2008 Ronan will complete a Masters Degree in Composition from WIT in Waterford.
Ronan has recorded a couple of infomal vidoes of two improvised pieces for solo acoustic bass guitar on Youtube - you can view them at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6ImABXDwsU and at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMmwTrWjbM0 These are the first in a series of what will be an exploration of the possibilities of improvised solo acoustic bass guitar
A new recording of a live trio performance with Julian Arguelles and Jim Black has just been released on the Italian Auand label. Recorded during a trio tour in 2002 the recorded captures the excitement and invention of the music of three of the finest contemporary jazz musicians of their respective countries. You can hear sound clips from the recording in my 'music' section. Review: Argüelles/Guilfoyle/Black ‘Live in Dublin’ ***** When this trio played in Dublin the night after their wonderful concert in Cork a few years ago, the question was, would the chemistry still be there? On the evidence of this recording, it was. Inside or outside the loop, their dialogue, mutually supportive and challenging, maintained a gripping level of creative responsiveness, full of wit and lyricism. With Argüelles at times recalling Rollins in his imaginative and successful risk taking, drummer Black astonishingly and quirkily inventive, and bassist Guilfoyle the infinitely flexible friend at the core, freedom was never allowed to degenerate into incoherence. Their subtlety and sustained creativity over a programme of originals by Ornette Coleman, Don Cherry, Argüelles, and Guilfoyle, a spontaneously created piece by the trio and a superbly deconstructed 'I Wish I Knew' make it potentially one of the albums of the year. The Irish Times, 2006
Ronan will go into the studio twice over the coming months to record with two different trios - MSG, with Rudresh Mahanthappa and Chander Sardjoe (you can hear samples from a live performance in my Music section), and with his own Microclimate group with Joe O Callaghan and Sean Carpio. Expect both albums to appear in the first half of 2007.

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